Friday 1st of July

23:00 Presentation of the Standards, Standard-Carriers, Ambassadors and Captains in the enclosure of the castle, and street-cry for the festivities headed by Dª. Joaqui Colomer Roselló. To finish the act, firework display courtesy of Pirotecnia Vicente Caballer.

Next, in the Jaume I square, actuation of the Avalancha orquestra. Bar service for the benefit of the captain “filaes” of 2017: “Filà Llauradors” and “Filà Bereberes”.

Saturday 2nd of July

12:30 h Rememberance of the deceased “festeros” at the local cemetery.

19:30 h Musical band entrance.

20:00 h Great Entrance from Valencia Street until the end of Nou Street.

Sunday 3rd of July

11:00 h Street parade of all the “filaes”, visiting the pensioner’s residence and carrying the image of the Saint Peter the Apostle.

12:00 h Offering and Mass in honor of our Patron Saint Peter the Apostle.

18:00 h Infants entrance and XXVI competition of the “Cabos de Escuadra”.

20:00 h Siege of the Moors from the Convent Square until the Castle enclosure. Moorish embassy and taking of the castle by the Moorish troops.

Monday 4th of July

10:30 h Siege of the Christians from the Portal Square.

Following this, in the Castle enclosure Christian Embassy and subsequent reconquest by the Christian forces from the Benissa Villa.

19:30 h Informal and humourous parade of the musical bands.

20:00 h Humourous parade of all the “filaes”.


End of the Fiestas

The Asociación de Moros y Cristianos de Benissa reserves the right to cancel or modify any of the events.