Survivor Race is a competition of obstacles that will test your endurance, strength, agility, concentration and intelligence. Created for excitement and designed for the challenge.

The competition is to traverse a circuit along which are obstacles presented by the participant varying degrees of difficulty. The basic concept is to compete against himself, accepting challenges and overcoming them, regardless of the time required to achieve it.

Circuit designed by Richard McEnery


Event Date: Saturday, October 15, 2016
Event Address: Benissa (Alicante), 03720

Points of interest:

-Departure: Plaça del Portal,
-a Target: Plaça Esglesia Vella.
-Pick Chip: Plaça Esglesia Vella.

Parking: There will be different designated areas:

-Parking Next Notaria. (Calle Dr. Pedro Crespo)
-school Public Manuel Bru. (Av. De Madrid, s / n 03720 Benissa Alicante)
-Pabellón Polideportivo San Pere Palau. (Coast of Povil s / n, 03720 Alicante Benissa), the day of the test access is by Av. Madrid.
-Track Athletics (vs. San Pere Palau)
-Guardarropa: Plaça Esglesia Vella.
-Showers: Palau Sant Pere, coastal of Povil. (Next municipal swimming pool)
-Albergue: If you come by far take advantage of the free stay at the municipal shelter! In principle it is only for participants, but if you come to ask at company, sure you can take advantage of some free spot. Address: Calle Escoto, 80. Next to the convent.


Benissa at Survivor Race will cross the fields surrounding the village with shaky ground and many slopes. The last phase will be through the narrow streets of the town. Survivor circuit designers Race Benissa, they have prepared a race 7Km travel with over 15 obstacles where you can challenge your strength and skill. And you know that the circuit can not miss Benissa mud pools. If you have not yet tried the mud of the Survivor, you’ll love it! Finally, in the last meters, you will have to overcome the longest in Spain monkey bars.

Schedules and Runs:

Survivor Race Benissa has different start times with 100 participants, approximately, in each batch.
The elite runs always come first, and then go amateur.
Order of outputs:
-Elite 11:30 a.m.

-Elite Qualifier: 11: 35h

-Elite Teams 12: 00h

Individual and equipment -Amateur 12.30

Individual and equipment -Amateur 13: 00h

Conditions for participation in Race Survivor: Everyone can participate in Survivor Race with the condition of having 16 years old on the day of the test. Participants will deliver the signed waiver declare know the rules and agree not to have acquired or congenital physical disorders, and / or injury that could cause disorders in my health or living conditions as a result of my participation.
Saturday, October 15, 2016 from 10:00 until 14:00 (Summer Time Central European Time Spain (Madrid)) – Add to calendar
Benissa – View map