The cycling event of Vuelta Turistica will take place November 13, 2016, departing at 8:00 o’clock. It will have the support of the cycling Federation of the region of Valencia;The test will be held in the town of Calpe and the roads of the Marina Alta, with departure and arrival in the same municipality. Traffic will be controlled to ensure that all attendees enjoy a sports day with the maximum security and peace of mind.

The town of Calpe is an excellent place to this appointment, since numerous lovers of this sport and the best professional teams in the world, come to this location for the practice of this magnificent sport.

The circuit goes through different roads of the Marina Alta and the ports highlights the great fund return tourist are:

•Puig of the Llorenza: on those same roads step stage 9 vuelta Spain 2015, highlighted by its dureza(nivel 2) port, we can find 3.5 km of ramps with slopes up to 27%

Coll de Rates: again went back in the 9th stage year 2010. Mythical port that also stands out for its beauty, a port well known by professional riders. Also in level 2, you will find 6 km of ramps with slopes of up to 16%.

Vall de Ebo: can also be found in a stage of the vuelta 2008, of level 2, with magnificent views, you will find 8km of ramps with slopes of up to 14%.