The IV Tapa Fair `Pego també tapja’ will take place on 19, 20 and 21 May at Paseo Cervantes. It will open on Friday 19 May at 8 pm with the tapas competition that will reward the best presented and tastiest tapa and the most innovative tapa. There are 8 bars taking part: Llit i Taula, Café Aran-Bea, Ca Vicent, El Moss de Pego, Seven Pizza, Vent de Llevant, Zorrilla Restaurant and Pizza Bar La Tasqueta. The Feria de la Tapa is organised by the Department of Cream and Commerce of the Pego Town Council, the Hotel and Catering Association and the Costa Blanca Board of Trustees. Prices remain unchanged and are 1 € per drink and 1.5 € per tapa. The single locker also continues to be used to exchange for cover and drink.

It is a gastronomic event that in every edition has dragged to the town a significant number of people and that, after the Rice Bomb Week in Pego, confirms the firm commitment of the Department of Creama, Trade, Tourism and Economic Promotion for Pegolin cuisine as a priority tourist resource. This was confirmed by councillor Rosa María Ferrer.

Ferrer has reported that the 8 bars participating this year in the IV Feria de la Tapa are: Llit i Taula, Café Aran-Bea, Ca Vicent, El Moss de Pego, Seven Pizza, Vent de Llevant, Zorrilla Restaurant and bar pizzeria La Tasqueta. He also explained that the Feria de la Tapa, an event organized by the Department of Creama, Trade, Tourism and Economic Promotion, the Association of Hoteliers of Pego and the Costa Blanca Board of Trustees, will be open on Friday 19 from 19 to 00h. Saturday 20 May you can go to’Pego també tapeja’ from 12 to 16 hours and from 19 to 00h. On Sunday, the IV Feria de la Tapa de Pego will open from 12 to 16 hours. Rosa María Ferrer stressed that the IV Feria de la Tapa will be inaugurated at 8 pm on Friday 19 May with the tapas competition. This competition, in which the 8 bars will participate, will reward the best presentation and flavour and the most innovative tapa.

For hoteliers, the most interesting aspect of this gastronomic event is the opportunity it offers to present new tapas to the public. To see the response of the people who test them and to know for sure that they can include them in their letter. This is what José Dominguis, from Zorrilla, pointed out. A question corroborated by Moss de Pego’s Mónica Miralles, who commented that after the Feria de la Tapa people ask you about what you had there. For his part, Ferran Riera, from Vent de Llevant, explained that he still has in letter the ones he took out last year at the Feria de la Tapa.

This idea was reinforced by the Local Development Agent, Alicia Carbonell, who stated that the hoteliers participating in the Fair innovate in tapas in terms of presentation and taste, making use of traditional market products, as highlighted last year by the director of the CDT of Denia, Pepe Vidal who, Carbonell recalled, was surprised by the level of preparation and presentation of the tapas. Alicia Carbonell was convinced that “they are not going to lower the bar in this new edition”. Ferran Riera confirmed that “the idea is to raise the level, above all, taking into account that people from outside the town will come and we want to seduce them with the imagination and innovation that we incorporate into our tapas”.

This year, the IV Feria de la Tapa maintains the prices for drinks and tapas. Wine, water and beer can be purchased for 1 € and tapas for 1.5 €. The hoteliers told us that Distribuciones Ceresola and Estrella Galicia, sponsors of `Pego també tapja’, take into account all the publics and that is why the bars will have alcohol-free beer and also gluten-free beer because, declared José Dominguis, “because the Feria de la Tapa is made for everyone”. On the other hand, a list of allergens will also be available at all the stands.

Creama Pego reminded us that before going to any of the 8 stands that will be distributed along the Paseo Cervantes, they will have to buy tickets that can be purchased at a single ticket office installed at the top of the promenade. It was recalled that the bars will not take the money directly.

With the experience involved in participating year after year in the Feria de la Tapa, the hoteliers asked that, if at any time, there is saturation of people in some or all of the stands, to be patient because, the tapas may take time, but will not remain to do. They also reported that the site will have bins and containers for empty plates and glasses to be deposited there.

During the Saturday evening evening, the IV Feria de la tapa will be livened up by the music of BatukAmbra. Sunday around noon there will be a dance masterclass that will also put the festive spot on’Pego també tapeja’.

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