Held at the Denia Tourist and Recreational Marina, the Denia Boat show takes place annually during the May bank holiday.
This marina’s facilities give the show a special uniqueness, as there are large, on-land exhibition areas where the latest nautical recreation features are displayed, as well as the best in food with regard to restaurants in the area of the ‘Costa Blanca’.
The ‘Trip Advisor’ social network has catalogued seventy per cent of the establishments as the best in their categories.
With respect to the area for the floating exhibition, it’s made up of a series of large platforms that help visitors enjoy a pleasant stroll as they move around the Denia Boat Show.
This is a unique place where sports, leisure and gastronomy are combined to the highest level.

At the Denia Boat show, exhibitors make up more than just being a company that comes to exhibit their products and services. The exhibitors are advised by a team of consultants in order to improve their sales tools through the experience.
This innovative concept has led teams from other nautical organizations, shows and exhibitions to visit the Denia Boat Show and adapt this philosophy to their events.
During this edition, the record of exhibitors will be broken by 25% in relation to the maximum registered number of organizations. This is certainly commitment towards innovation, development and sustainability.

These are the main foundation of the Denia Boat Show. A differentiating element that the organization of this nautical event has developed, in order to be a benchmark in this sector again.
We want a show that becomes an experience where visitors can try the kinds of sports that they always wanted to, but were never able to do so.
The sea and the coast are two of the most important elements for the economy of a country such as Spain, which has known how to grow by the side of them by offering sun and sand tourism, and now through the development of nautical sports. We believe that this form of revitalization will help visitors and exhibitors to improve their experiences and results. In the Denia Boat Show, you can try rowing, paddle surf and sea kayaking. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit the ‘reserva marina del Cabo de San Antonio’ (Cape of San Antonio Marine Reserve) by boat, and you can enjoy motor boat excursions and see how we put marine animals that were recovering in the recuperation centre back into their habitat.
During this edition of the show, the winners of the school drawing competition that we have organized will put back three marine turtles into the sea. The purpose of this competition is to make the youngest children aware that it is necessary to take care of the marine environment. We are very proud of this special event.
Over the duration of the Denia Boat Show, there is a total of nineteen nautical activities that visitors will be able to enjoy free of charge.
We’ll be waiting for you!!!