The most common way to do this route is up Benifato drive from the font of Partegat by a paved track that will see right at the entrance to town.

Benifato – Font de Partegat (1 hour)

The PR-CV 21 starts at the entrance of Benifato, right. It is marked and a paved track climbs to the font of Partegat, always following the main track.

Partegat Font – Font Forata (1 hour)

We continue along the paved track that leaves to the right of the font Partegat and climb up to find a sign posted junction. We continue to the right, toward the font of Forata, a track that ends in a small house next to an old snowfield well. A few meters before the house is the trail, marked with a signpost indicating the direction to the botanical trail of Rabosa Passet. The trail passes through the font of the Noguera and reach a small esplanade where we find a snow pit and Forata font. It is a fountain with several pools which gets its Nobre from nearby Penya Forata. Near the fountain there is a signpost with the direction to take to climb to Aitana.

Font Forata – Aitana Summit (1 hour)

From the Font Forata we follow the indication to the Pas de la Rabosa, a narrow cleft in the rock that allows us to move to the area of ​​the summit. Before boarding the step to the right, you can also climb the Penya Forata (30 minutes round trip). Following the Pas de Rabosa is Partegat Gap, we must surround, before accessing top. The highest point we can get there is a cairn at 1550 meters altitude. The geodesic is beyond our reach, within military installations. From here it enjoys an good view. To the north, the mountains of Serrella and Aixorta. To the east, the Sierra de Bernia and Rock of Ifach. To the south and southeast, the Puig Campana, the Cabeçó d’Or and the coastline from Benidorm to Santa Pola.

Cima de Aitana – Collado de Tagarina – Font de Partegat (2 hours)

Although we can go down the same route, it is also advisable to follow the path of the ridge, heading east after the pit area of ​​Partegat. The trail runs along the top of the mountain Tagarina up the hill where we find the PR-CV 10 between Benifato and Sella. Turn left and go down the track without possibility of loss to the font of Partegat. Halfway we can see another snowfields wells in the area, the Pou dels Teixos.

Font of Partegat – Benifato (1 hour)

Returning to the village along the track that we know